IslandSurprise's Code

Created by: Susan



When the world starts
Do: first method

When S is typed

Let move rowboat

When B is typed

When H is typed
sandra say Hello

Methods first method ( )
    No variables
       // Author: Susan Rodger
  // Date: July 7, 2014
  sandra say Welcome to my cool island! duration = 2 seconds
  sandra say Press S for a surprise! duration = 2 seconds

  world.surprise ( )
    No variables
       // Part 1: notice shark and change camera views
  camera set point of view to sharkView duration = 2 seconds
  shark say Surprise! S is for shark attack!
  camera set point of view to startView
  // Part 2: Movement of shark and boat
  Do together
       shark move amount = 6 meters toward target = rowboat duration = 5 seconds
  // Part 3: Now shark will circle the island
  shark say Rats! I'll just wait here.
  shark turn right .2 revolutions
  shark turn left 10 revolutions asSeenBy = island duration = 100 seconds



  sandra.backFlip ( )
    No variables
       // This method has her do a back flip
  // Note: Need to add arm and knee movements later
  sandra move up 1 meter duration = 0.25 seconds
  sandra turn backward 1 revolution duration = 0.5 seconds
  sandra move down 1 meter duration = 0.25 seconds

  sandra.getInBoat ( )
    No variables
       sandra say Oh no! Use the arrow keys to help me to escape
  Do together
       camera set vehicle to rowboat
  sandra set vehicle to rowboat
  sandra move to rowboat
  sandra orient to rowboat
  sandra move down 0.1 meters