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Alice Symposium

Alice Symposium and Alice2 to Alice3 Workshop

Click here for the webpage for the Alice Symposium and Alice2 to Alice3 Workshop.

Our followup workshop this summer will consist of two events and we hope many of our previous teachers will come back for these events.

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017 we will hold our fourth annual Alice Symposium. We wil have several invited speakers and have presentations and posters from teachers who have attended our previous Alice Symposium. The Symposium is tentatively set to run 8:30am to 5pm.

Following the Alice Symposium on Wednesday, June 21, the Alice CMU team will run a workshop on transitioning from Alice2 to Alice3.

We invite all K-12 teachers to attend, especially those who have attended one of our previous Alice workshops in NC or SC. Teachers can attend both days or just one of the two days.

APPLICATIONS are OPEN for the Alice Symposium and the Alice2 to Alice3 workshop.


Here are details from our last Alice Symposium.