Directions To Alice Symposium/Workshops from Brookwood Inn (June 2013)

Conference Buildings

Registration for the Alice Symposium and all workshops will be in the Fitzpatrick building at Duke University in front of the Schiciano Auditorium. The Alice Symposium and some of the pre- and post-workshops will also be held in the Schiciano Auditorium. Some of the workshops will be in the LSRC Building (D-wing) and the North Building. At registration, they will let you know the location of your workshop.

Buildings and Walking Directions from Brookwood to Registration

This map shows all the conference buildings and the walking path from the Brookwood Inn to registration. The dashed line is a longer walk. The solid line is shorter and takes you through the hospital, along the outside elevated walkway and then cuts over towards the Fitzpatrick Center an If you don't want to walk, the Brookwood Inn Courtesy shuttle can bring you. Let them know ahead of time. If you walk it is a 10 minute walk.

To walk the shorter way through the hospital, Walk out of the Brookwood Inn and head straight to Duke North Hospital (NOT the VA hospital). Go in the main entrance and walk straight all the way through the hospital to the elevators. Follow the hallway to the right, it curves around and then goes straight. At the end of the hallway, go out the door to the elevated walkway. Walk along the walkway until you see on your right the building with the Blue Awning that says "Medical Center Store". Take the next right off the walkway. You will walk past the Medical Center Store and down this road. You will pass the Bryan Research center on your right and come to a stop sign. Cross Research Drive and look for the Alice Workshop signs as you are at the Fitzpatrick Center. The Alice Symposium/Workshops are in the middle of the building, you enter through the breezeway.