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The Alice Symposium Poster Session will be held in the Atrium area outside of Schiciano Room 103 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. The Poster Session will be held in conjunction with Dive Tours, Lunch and the exhibit hall.

Poster 1: The Story of Echo and Narcissus

Kathleen Dasho and Owen DeCleene, North Reading Middle School

Poster 2: Who is Alice?

Chari Distler, North Broward Prep School

Poster 3: Computer programming in public spaces for digital inclusion using Alice 3D: challenges and opportunities

André Schaeffer, Federal University of Fronteira Sul - Brazil

Poster 4: Multimodal Machinema at the University of Aizu

Michael Cohen, University of Aizu

Poster 5: Alice Summer Camps: Evaluating Multiple Formats

Robert Van Camp, Marietta College

Poster 6: Career Achievement

Joann Blanton, Massey Hill High School

Poster 7: The Squeak Defeat?

Jill Elberson, Southwest Middle School
Elaine Witkowski, Archdale-Trinity Middle School

Poster 8: Alice at the Library

Donna Hoover, Brevard Middle School

Poster 9: Creating a programming camp - the Alice Workshop

Dana Murphy, Stanford University

Poster 10: Forming a Club at a Middle School

Courtney Rudder, Dillard Drive Middle School