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Submission Deadline for Alice Contest is extended to April 12, 2013

Teachers are invited to submit student Alice worlds for the Alice Contest. We suggest that you pick the best worlds from your students, and submit no more than 10.

Both individual and group entries are allowed. If it is a group entry, then be sure to have a permission form for each student in the group.

Requirements for Alice world

Theme - Superstitions

In honor of the year 2013, the theme of the Alice contest is Superstitions . Do you wear your favorite team's jersey backwards on game day? Do you tell your friend to break a leg before they take the stage in a play? Do you try to take the bigger half of the wishbone from your sister at Thanksgiving? Do you avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk to spare your dear mother's back?

You may want to use your world to show us how a new superstition might come to be, or how an old one was born. You could also choose to show supersitious behaviors taking their desired effects, or show them having the opposite outcomes! We look forward to seeing how you interpret this theme.


There will be three tracks for the contest depending on the level of the student. The maximum length of the Alice world is displayed beside each track.

Tips on reducing the size of your world

There are several things you can do to reduce the size of your Alice world. One is to put only a small section of a song in there and possibly play that part over and over. Another thing is if you want a forest of trees, put one tree object in and then make copies of them using the copy button.

Here is a document with tips on making Alice worlds smaller in size.

Submission Instructions

Submissions are now closed for Alice worlds for the contest.


If you have already been to the submission page for posters or papers you may have to refresh it to see the new link for contest submissions.