fall 2010

Ambient 2.1.5 is compatible with Eclipse 3.6 and higher.
fall 2008

Ambient 2.1.2 is compatible with Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede).
summer 2006

Ambient 2.1.1 is out, now compatible with Eclipse 3.2 as well as Eclipse 3.1.*! Read what is new.
fall 2005

Ambient 2.0 has been signifficantly reworked and is now compatible with Eclipse 3.1!
spring 2005

Ambient is still growing! Check out the new "Run APT" option for your APT projects!
fall 2004

Ambient is used in several computer science courses!

some important news

The latest version of Ambient is 2.1.5 - instructions for updating are available here. Please read what is new in the latest version. The old version - Ambient 1.0, as well as the old website, are still available here.

change your perspective

Ambient is a simplified view for your Eclipse workbench.  It is a set of tools that load as a plugin and has some great features for the beginning computer scientist:

  • Snarfer allows for easy assignment download straight into the workspace.
  • The ability to check in and check out projects using CVS lets students work on their project from any computer or lab and always have their up-to-date work ready for them.
  • The ability to submit projects for grading.
  • Updates to Ambient are easy to access through the Eclipse Update tool so that you can stay on top of your coding as we make constant changes to Ambient in an effort to improve your productivity.
Last Update: 31 August 2011