snarfing a project

To start working on a project you must first use snarfer to get the skeleton code for your project. Snarfer is a tool that fetches information about available projects from a special XML file on your course's web site and installs the desired projects straight into your Eclipse workspace. Your professor should provide you with a link to that file.

  • Open the Snarf Site Browser by selecting Ambient > Snarf... You will see the view open in the bottom right corner of Eclipse.

    The Snarfer Site Browser
  • Add your course snarfer site by selecting this icon The new site icon and enter the site's address in the provided dialog.
  • If the address is correct and you are connected to the Internet the Browser will load the available information and display it in a tree:

    Snarf Site
  • Right click on the desired assignment and choose the Install option.
  • A wizard will open that will guide you through the process of installing your project. You should not have to change the destination folder as the default option will be sufficient in most situations.

    Checkout Manager
  • Once you click the Next button your files will be downloaded. Once that process is complete you will have to import the project into your workspace by clicking on the Finish button.

  • The window should disappear, and you should be returned to the Eclipse workbench, where you will find your newly downloaded project in the package explorer.
  • Note: be sure to check your project in once you are finished working on it.
Last Update: 1 August 2005