preparing the environment

Before you can use the Duke Ambient environment to start working on your projects or labs, you need to make sure that all configuration settings suit your needs. If you do not verify the preference settings, it is probable that Ambient will not function correctly.

verifying the preference setting/setting up CVS

  • Open the Ambient preferences by selecting Window > Preferences > Ambient > Checkin/Checkout. You should now see the following window.
Checkin Preferences
  • The CVS Host should be login.oit.duke.edu. Lastly, you need to enter your NetID in the User field.
  • FIRST TIME ONLY: If this is the very first time that you are starting computer science classes at Duke you will need to set up your CVS repository. This is easily done by pressing the Set Up CVS Repository button. You will be prompted for your NetID password. Once it is over, you will see a confirmation message. Note: the entries currently typed into the preference page will be used for the connection, you do not need to click the OK button to use this function. This is a one-time-only operation and you will not have to perform it again.
  • Next, change the Submit preferences by selecting Window > Preferences > Ambient > Submit. You should now see the following window.

Submit Preferences

  • The Submit address should be submit.cs.duke.edu and the Port number should be 31415 (these are the default preferences).
  •  Click OK to save the preference settings. This will close the window. You are now ready to begin working on your first project, which you must first snarf.
Last Update: 1 August 2005