setting up projects for team work

When you work with a partner using Ambient, Eclipse, and CVS, one person owns the directory in which the code/CVS directory lives. Other team members have read/write privileges for this directory so that they can check in and check out code.

To grant other members of your team permission to update access and change the project files follow these steps:

  • Log onto the acpub machine login.oit.duke.edu using ssh. On Windows, you will need to install an ssh client (check this OIT link), MacOS X and Unix/Linux should already have ssh clients installed.
  • Go to the directory 'myCVS', which contains your CVS repository by typing:
    cd myCVS
  • Go to the directory where you put your project, or where Eclipse/Ambient put your project. If your project is named "nano" and you put it in the folder "cps108/" when you checked it in, you will have to type this command (remember to add the '.project' part to the end of the folder name):
    cd cps108/nano.project
    You can always see what folders/files exist in your directory by using the ls command (type it at the prompt to see the contents of the folder/directory you're in).
  • Once you're in that directory type the following command (where instead of USER type the netid of the team-member you are giving permissions to):
    find . -type d -exec fs setacl {} USER write \;
    Be sure to include all parts of that command or it will not work. If you want to know more about what it does visit this webpage.
  • If you want to remove access for the user, type the same command except replace write with none, effectively:
    find . -type d -exec fs setacl {} USER none \;

working in teams

The most important aspect of working in a team is making sure that changes made one person do not overwrite changes made by another person. To work towards that end, you should remember to always perform a check out operation every time you start working after a break. This will ensure that you will be working on the most recent version of the code available in the repository.

Read the teamwork section of check-out and check-in to find out more about each of these operations performed in a team environment.


Last Update: 23 August 2005