instructions for adding Ambient to your Eclipse environment:

Follow the instructions below (this video shows the entire process):

  1. NOTE: Ambient will only work with Eclipse 3.4 or higher. Please follow these instructions to download the latest version of Eclipse.
  2. Open Eclipse and access the Help menu.
  3. Select Install New Software ...
  4. Create a new site by selecting Add in the Available Software wizard that pops up.
  5. Enter the following in the fields that appear:
  6. Select the Ambient feature when back at the wizard pane and click Next
  7. Follow the next few steps to finish the installation, choosing the default options.
  8. It is recommended to restart the Eclipse workbench in order for the changes to take effect.

updating to a newer version

To update Ambient to a new version, follow the above steps to access the update site. If a newer version of Ambient is available, it will be listed. Please select the version with the highest number to get the most recent features.

Last Update: 31 August 2011