new in Ambient 2.1.5

  • Upgraded Ambient to be compatible with Eclipse 3.6 and higher

new in Ambient 2.1.4

  • Upgraded Ambient to be compatible with Eclipse 3.5

new in Ambient 2.1.2

  • Upgraded Ambient to be compatible with Eclipse 3.4
  • The user interface for submitting file is now a lot more user-friendly and adds more flexibility.
  • Run functionality has been expanded with ability to launch the most recent configuration.
  • The Ambient feature has been componentized into separate plugins.

new in Ambient 2.0.3

  • Submit wizard has been fixed to display correctly on all platforms and all screen resolutions.

new in Ambient 2.0.2

  • Minor improvements in the submit wizard - the submit wizard is now initialized with the user's workbench location, not a random location.

new in Ambient 2.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes in the snarfing process - the process will not freeze if a snarfed project contains a '.project' file.

new in Ambient 2.0.0

There are some major changes with the arrival of Ambient 2.0:

  • Upgraded Ambient to be compatible with Eclipse 3.1.
  • Obtaining new assignments can now only be done through the snarfer module. You will need to obtain the address of your course's snarf site first.
  • Projects checked in via CVS are now stored and retrieved from the user's personal webspace and not a department-wide repository.
  • Check-in functionality has been modified for better handling of team projects. To allow team work on a project the owner of the repository will have to set up correct permissions.
  • Some functionality (including APT running and the Ambient Perspective) has been temporarily removed. They should be back in Ambient 2.1 (better than before).
  • Wizards and dialogs have been improved to minimize the possibility of erroneous user input.
Last Update: 31 August 2011