*ambient 1.0

ambient downloads

Ambient can be downloaded in several ways. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download Eclipse for your operating system:
    • Windows (unzip into your Program Files folder)
    • Macintosh (unstuff into your Applications folder)
    • Linux (unzip into /usr/local directory)
  2. Download Java for your operating system (if it is not already installed):
    • Windows (self-installing application)
    • Macintosh (already installed with Mac OSX)
    • Linux (self-installing application)
  3. Run Eclipse and use its update manager to download and install the Ambient plugin by following the directions online here.

Other related information:

prof downloads

PROF can be downloaded in several ways. However you MUST have Ambient already installed. The PROF Plugin is dependent on the Ambient Plugin.

Follow the instructions below to install PROF:

  • Update site: use an already installed version of Eclipse to install or update PROF. You MUST have Ambient already installed.

The PROF source code is available as a zip file.

apt download

You can download the APT engine source code and user information.

eclipse downloads

You can also download Eclipse at http://www.eclipse.org


Last Update: 24 August 2004