CURIOUS: Undergraduate Computer Science Research at Duke, 2004

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation
the Duke Computer Science Department
Duke University

Some Details and Deadlines

  1. Preferrence given to students who have taken CPS 108 or equivalent by summer. If you haven't taken 108 you'll need to get up to speed very quickly in Java.

  2. Deadline for application: Monday, April 5, 5pm. However, we may make offers on a rolling basis, so early applications make sense.

  3. 8-10 weeks at roughly $500/week (40 hour), but part-time work may be possible (fewer hours/week, fewer weeks). In your application, please include your potential start date (sometime in late May to June) and end date (July to early-mid August). We can, perhaps, accommodate students in summer school, but that's tricky because of divided loyalties, so we prefer those who can devote some weeks to a full-time committment.


In addition to working on an undergraduate research project with a professor, all undergraduate students participating will meet as a group with graduate students and professors for discussions, talks, pizza, comraderie, etc.

Several different projects are available this summer. There may be an opportunity to work with different professors, but it's likely that much of the work will be done with Prof. Astrachan.

Women and under-represented minorities are especially encouraged to apply as we may have some additional funding specially for them.

Tools to Support Programming Courses via Eclipse

We'll work on extending and changing IBM's Eclipse Tool which is an open source IDE. We'll need to go to version 2.0 of Snarf and Submit, incorporate skins to decrease the number of options available to students in early courses, and provide tutorials on various aspects of programming in Java.

Students will be working with the IDE and the code that implements it. Each student on this project will also receive a laptop to use for the duration of the project (and perhaps into next year).

Educational Technology to Support Courses

We may continue develop and extend the suite of tools known as Escore: web-based tools for doing grading (e.g., as done in CPS 006/100) and scheduling of demos/appointments (e.g., CPS 108/110). However, we may be adopting a new set of tools based on Web-Cat from Virginia Tech. This project will require getting up to speed with a database-backed website and either JSP or (Apple) Web objects.

Other Projects

More projects may be forthcoming.

To Apply

Submit a resume by Monday, April 5 to Owen Astrachan in LSRC D241. Include

Please make sure that all your application materials are stapled together. If Prof. Astrachan is not in his office, please leave materials with Sarah Sherfey, the DUS Assistant who staffs the reception desk in the D wing of the LSRC.

For more information send email to or drop by.

Owen L. Astrachan
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