Lever (or binary code) Game - Screen shots of Animation

This is an example of an interactive game. The levers on the switches are all down. There is a secret random code which is a combination of the levers in up or down postitions. Clicking on a lever moves it up (if it is down) or down (if it is up). Click on the levers to try to find the secret code. When the levers are in the position of the secret code, the red light comes on.

Another interpretation: A lever down can represent a 0 and a lever up can represent a 1. A random three digit number using 0's or 1's is the code (a binary number).

Two clicks later (lever 1 and lever 3 are now up), code has not been found yet.

Two more clicks (lever 2 up, lever 3 down) and the code has been found. The random secret binary code (110) corresponding to the lever positions (up, up, down) is shown.

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