Students interested in learning about computer science, join Professor Rodger in the Duke Emerging Scholars Computer Science (DES-CS) program.

Taking computer science courses opens the door for you to careers that

As a DES-CS student, you will take two regular computer science courses and two half-credit seminar courses in the one year program. These courses focus on

In the fall you will take the introductory computer science course CompSci 6 (Introduction to Computer Science) and the associated CompSci 18S (Problem Solving Seminar). In the spring you will take CompSci 100 (Design and Analysis II) and the associated CompSci 18S. The two half credit CompSci 18S courses will count for your one credit required first-year seminar course.

This program assumes no prior programming experience.

The DES-CS program is for those students who have had little or no programming experience. If you have already taken a programming course, check with the computer science placement information for the right course for you ( Note this page has not been updated, CompSci 6 now has no prerequisites and no prior programming experience.)

The DES-CS program has been running since Fall 2005. It previously paired itself with the courses CompSci 4 and CompSci 6. In Fall 2010 the courses CompSci 6 and CompSci 100 are being redesigned to be the introductory computer science courses for majors. Starting in Fall 2010, DES-CS will pair with CompSci 6 and CompSci 100.

Solving problems in small groups while attending the first two computer science courses give students a chance to get to know other computer science students as well as upperclass computer science students.

This program was initially sponsored by the National Science Foundation.