This creates a new JAWAA editor window.
A JAWAA editing environment that was previously saved can be restored.
If this is a document that hasn't ever been saved before, this effect is the same as save as. If it has been saved before, then the file for this document is overwritten with the changes.
Save As...
This brings up a save dialog box to save the current editing environment. The resulting file is NOT a file for feeding into the JAWAA interpreter, but is rather simply a file internal to efforts in the JAWAA editor in case one wants to save ones work and do more later.
Export .anim File...
This brings up a save dialog box for choosing a file. The JAWAA commands for the animation described by the user in the editor are then exported to the file for use in the JAWAA interpreter.
This closes the current editor window. If there are changes unsaved the user is notified.
Attempts to exit the program. This essentially performs a close on every open window then exits. If there are any problems closing windows, then the editor does not quit.


Performed on selected objects. This cuts the objects selected and puts them into the clipboard.
Performed on selected objects. This copies the objects selected into the clipboard.
Performed on selected objects. This pastes objects in the clipboard onto the canvas. Note that clipboard objects maintain all their states, which are native to frames in the timeline, which is native to a particular JAWAA document, so it is not possible to paste between different animations. This may be changed in a future release.
Performed on selected objects. This does not remove the object entirely, but merely for this frame and all subsequent frames.
Performed on selected objects. Selected objects are removed entirely from the animation for all times. It's as though they didn't ever exist.
Select All
Selects all objects in the canvas. This does not select objects that are not selectable (like delays) and objects that don't exist for this particular frame.
Deselect All
After this effect, no objects are selected.


Produces an about box that shows a fun graphic and plays fun sounds regarding jawas! What's happening to the jawa on the rack, you ask? He's being edited.
Brings up a faux web browser type window that holds the user documentation (these documents).

Thomas Finley, 2001