ACM JETT AP Computer Science Workshop at Duke

Workshop II

The College Board thinks that some of the materials we used for face-to-face teaching purposes as part of this workshop should not be online. Specifically, we developed Java versions of C++ free-response questions from AP exams. We believe that these derivative works do not infringe the College Board copyright. However, the copyright law regarding derivative works isn't clear, and who needs the College Board pestering them? We don't. To avoid dealing with the College Board, who should have better things to do than pestering teachers who have developed materials that encourage folks to take exams they administer, we have "removed" the workshop material from the web. Of course you may be able to use Google's cache of the material. We don't recommend using "The Java class College represents information about a college" as a Google query.

The workshop materials are now protected by a login/password. You can request the login if you're a teacher wishing to use these materials for face-to-face teaching purposes. Send email to OLA at DUKE dot EDU.

agenda and guide to the workshop

materials for the workshop

Workshop I


agenda and guide to the workshop

materials for the workshop

Online Materials

Online Materials for Workshop II

Original Announcement

The Duke Computer Science Department in conjunction with ACM is sponsoring a series of workshops for high school educators. The series consists of two one-day workshops with online assignments and tutorials between the one-day workshops. The online work will consist of three short Java programs and several questionnaires.

Preference will be given to local and regional teachers, but there should be some slots for additional teachers. You must preregister for the workshop.

Date and Times:

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend both workshops and complete the online work before the second workshop. For those participants that do, THEY WILL BE REFUNDED BOTH FEES.

Agenda for Workshops

Agenda for March 29 Workshop

Agenda for May 17 Workshop is similar

Hotels and Directions

Hotel and directions


DEADLINE for REGISTRATION for the first workshop is March 12, 2003.

TO REGISTER: Send email to with the following information.

First Name: Last Name: High School: City/State of High School: Preferred Address for check: Email: Phone:

YOU MUST REGISTER BY EMAIL by March 12 to attend the workshop. YOUR CHECK MUST ALSO BE POSTMARKED by March 12. Send a check for $25 made out to "Duke University - ACM JETT Workshop" to

ACM JETT WORKSHOP Computer Science Department LSRC D237, Box 90129 Durham, NC 27708-0129

Topics covered in the two workshops include:


Both breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Breakfast will be something yummy.

Lunch will be box lunch with sandwich and cookie.

But for those of you who are here longer, there are many good restaraunts around.

For more information


Owen Astrachan and Susan Rodger
Computer Science Department
Duke University

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