JFLAP Workshop 2014


Workshop July 22-23, 2014

The JFLAP workshop was held all day on July 22, and til 3pm on July 23.

Workshop Description:

As part of an NSF Funded project, I am developing online curriculum materials for JFLAP. As part of the grant, I am holding a two-day faculty workshop in either June or July at Duke University. The workshop is partially to get feedback from faculty who have been using JFLAP, but mainly for faculty to contribute to the online curriculum materials in the form of modules and exercises. Faculty attending the workshop will have an assignment to submit before the workshop (such as writing JFLAP exercises). During the workshop, modules will be designed and started that will be completed after the workshop. If possible, students using JFLAP in the faculty members course will participate in online surveys before and after using JFLAP in academic year 2014-2015. Faculty will be paid a stipend for travel to the workshop and stipend for contributing to the online curriculum materials.

Required Experience:

Participants in the workshop should be familiar with JFLAP and should have used some part of JFLAP for a course. The course does not have to be an automata theory course. Other courses one may have used JFLAP with might be Discrete Mathematics, CS 1, CS 2, Compilers, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


Participants will be paid an $1800 stipend for which they are responsible for their travel to the workshop and lodging at the workshop. A local close hotel within walking distance is around $100 per day. Lunches and breakfasts are included as part of the workshop. There is no registration fee.

Apply for Workshop by March 2, 2014

The workshop application is closed. Workshop attendees should have been notified of acceptance into the workshop.

This workshop is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Grant NSF TUES 1044191.