Computer Science Kindergarten Style

Welcome to our budding repository of non-standard teaching techniques for teaching Computer Science!

Our mission in providing this site is to collect resources that demonstrate a variety of exercises that can be used any time and at all levels of the curriculum to provide students with concrete experience with Computer Science concepts. We encourage you to attempt to make these types of activities a part of your daily routine rather than just "special events" because it will acclimate students being more active and involved in class. We have heard from others that well-planned "special events" have failed in practice because the students are just not prepared to participate.

The title of this site reflects our attempt to categorize the many activities around teaching techniques reminiscent of kindergarten: games, toys, stories, and play. By considering a variety of motivational techniques, these activities can make learning more interactive. These techniques promote an active learning environment, level the playing field for non-technical students, provide motivation beyond grades, and make class time fun.

Many of the ideas presented on this site are not our own and, where possible, we have tried cite others' work, but often ideas such as these are shared informally on listservs or BOF sessions. In particular, we would like to thank the many teachers that have participated in our annual "Toys Night" session while grading the Advanced Placement Computer Science exams.