RegEx Example

Here's a java program that will allow the user to query a dictionary of English words using regular expressions. For example, using the query below finds any word with a three letter repeat, e.g., assassin.
We use this to talk about the components of a regular expression, e.g., what happens if we use ^ or $ before and after, respectively, the regex above. We talk about finding palindromes, e.g., using this regex:
and what happens, for example, when the $ is removed.

Java Application (java web start)

This Java program uses a jar file that has this source code in it, so you can browse, use, change the source.

The idea for this regex tool was generated from discussions with Mark Leblanc and Betsy Dyer from Wheaton College. Their website has complete details relating to their project.

Owen L. Astrachan
Last modified: Thu Nov 15 00:03:29 EST 2007