Innovative Approaches to introducing CS
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  • BOF on Social Networks in Courses at SIGCSE 2012,

  • Pre-Conferenceworkshop at SIGCSE 2011 on Innovative Approaches to Introducing CS
  • Workshop for was held July 8-9, 2010 at Duke.
  • 2009 Faculty Learning Community


Harambee is a Swahili term that roughly translates to pulling together for mutual assistance. Harambee was adopted as the Kenyan national motto after independence when citizens were encouraged to utilize their local social networks to work together to raise money and build support for a variety of projects. The HarambeeNet project seeks to bring together educators to build the community necessary to establish alternative introduction to computing centered around the science of networks. The primary means of developing, testing, and disseminating the new model will be via the diverse social and professional networks of the educators that attend the workshops, participate in the faculty learning community, and serve on the advisory board.

We hope this new approach will capture the interest of a broad population of students, crossing gender boundaries. We will develop modules that will be incorporated into existing courses in math, statistics, computer science, sociology, economics, and related fields. These modules will be developed and evaluated by faculty learning communities based at Duke. The work from these faculty learning communities will be supplemented by educators who will attend workshops at Duke and use a social network model to disseminate the modules to colleagues who will continue to assess and develop them. An advisory board with expertise in computer science and social networks will oversee module development which will ultimately lead to a new paradigm for introducing computer science at a wide variety of schools at all levels.


Please send email to harambeenet@cs.duke.edu with any questions or comments.
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