Student Robotics Competition
October 14, 2007
Orlando, FL

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The Robotics Competition was held in Orlando, FL, from October 15-16, 2007, in conjunction with the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference. This page contains information and links for participants. Questions or comments should be sent to the general co-chairs for 2007:

All prospective participants should frequently visit this site for updated information about the event. Teams should first register for the qualification stage of the competition. Teams should refer to the rules section of the site for details on the qualification and final stages of the competition. This site links to a number of useful resources including a Wiki (including a FAQ) that will be one of the main conduits of information for the competition. See the schedule for important dates.


The Robotics Competition will be focused around a search and rescue task. The competition will involve simulated and physical disaster environments where the goal is to identify and locate a number of different objects. The competition is a staged event with the first stage involving building a Player client for object seeking in an environment rendered Gazebo and the second stage requiring a client to control a Roomba robot endowed with touch and camera sensors.

Your robot will have sensory information in the forms of: a blobfinder, odometry, bump sensors, and virtual wall detection. You will also be provided a map with the locations of fiducials and walls. However, the start locations of your robot, objects, and food will not be revealed until 5 minutes prior to each trial.


Please contact the competition organizers or the Tapia Fundraising Committee for information on supporting the competition.


Please send email to with any questions or comments.
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