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Writing Wikipedia Pages for Notable Women in Computing


Getting Started as a Wikipedia Writer

  1. First create a user account at Wikipedia. Then login to the account.

    The easiest first step is to spend some time updating existing pages.

    Note that Wikipedia wants only facts, not opinions. The facts should be backed up by a reference, a link to another web page.
  2. Go to the Category page for Women Computer Scientists and pick out someone you want to try to edit. If you pick someone who is a university professor, they usually have their CV including awards, publications and achievements on their university web page. You can look for something about them on their CV that is not mentioned on their Wikipedia page to update. Click on their name to go to their Wikipedia page.
  3. Look over their Wikipedia page to see what is there, and then go to their homepage to see if you can find information about them to add to the Wikipedia page. For example, is there an award they have received that is not mentioned? Is there a fact about their education that is not mentioned? Are there any news articles about them that is not mentioned?
  4. On their Wikipedia page, click on the word "edit" or "edit source" near the top of the page to edit their page. It might be helpful to have their Wikipedia page up on two different browsers, then as you look at the fields to edit on one you can see how they are displayed on the actual Wikipedia page.

  5. For more on editing Wikipedia pages, read through our create and edit a Wikipedia page document.

    Try editing their page and then saving the page. You could also preview it first to make sure your edits are ok.

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