Writing Wikipedia Pages for Notable Women in Computing

Thanks for the help from CRA-W and Anita Borg Institute


Creating a Wikipedia Writer page

Wikipedia has special pages for Wikipedia writers. You can put personal information about yourself there, but you don't have to. What I found useful was to make a list of the Wikipedia pages I created and another list of Wikipedia pages I made major edits to. You can also have a list of Wikipedia pages you are currently working on.

Note: If you create a Wikipedia writer page, then when you create or edit any page, your Wikipedia ID will no longer show up in red.

To create this page, go to a Wikipedia page that you have edited and click on history. You will note that your login ID is in red, which means you do not have a page. My login is "shrodger". If you click on your login while on the history page, then you will be asked if you want to create a Wikipedia page entitled User:yourlogin. Create it by clicking on the link.

Here is some very simple items to put into this web page. You can see my user wikipedia page by searching for User:Shrodger. Then click on edit (just to see what mine looks like). You can copy it and put in your User:loginid page, and then modify it.

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