Exchange Migration Issues

Exchange Migration Issues

May 27, 2010

The University has completed their transition from the previous calendaring system (dCal) to the Exchange Calendar and Mail system.

Information on configuring how to access exchange can be found here:

All users who were using the previous calendar have new accounts in the Exchange server and their schedules have been migrated. If you need assistance setting up the clients information can be found here:

or the lab staff can help you with the setup.

Since we run our own mail system nothing will change from a mail perspective with the following exception. With the new exchange server you will also have a new email address. You can have this email forward to your CS account by sending a note to The address will be You can find out what your primarySMTP address by following the instructions here:

Please contact the lab staff if you have any problems with this migration. We are trying to stay on top of the latest developments and we will keep the department informed.