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This is Texinfo edition 2.3 of `eegtti.texi' as of 12 September 1994.
This document was initially created by Jörg Heitkötter on August 27, 1993.

The Texinfo edition originated from plain ASCII text file
`/pub/Net_info/Big_Dummy/bigdummy.txt' versions 1.0 to 2.2,
that was later renamed to `/pub/Net_info/EFF_Net_Guide/netguide.eff' version 2.21,
on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's server ftp.eff.org.

Copyright (C) 1993, 1994  EFF, The Electronic Frontier Foundation. All rights reserved.

Published by The Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street, N.W., Suite 950 East, Washington, DC 20001, USA

Phone: (202) 347-5400. FAX: (202) 393-5509. Internet: <ask@eff.org>

Redistribution, excerpting, republication, copying, archiving, and reposting are permitted, provided that the work is not sold for profit, that EFF contact information, copyright notice, and distribution information remains intact, and that the work is not qualitatively modified (translation, reformatting, and excerpting expressly permitted however--feel free to produce versions of the Guide for use with typesetting, hypertext, display, etc. applications, but please do not change the text other than to translate it to another language. Excerpts should be credited and follow standard fair use doctrine.)

EFF's Guide to the Internet License

Copyright (C) 1994 The Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street NW, Suite 950 E, Washington DC 20001 USA

Voice: +1 202 347 5400, Fax: +1 202 393 5509, BBS: +1 202 638 6120
FidoNet: 1:109/1108, Internet: ask@eff.org
Internet fax gate: remote-printer.EFF@

Distribution Policy

This guide is available free of charge from the EFF online archives at ftp.eff.org, gopher.eff.org, http://www.eff.org, EFF BBS (+1 202 638 6120), AOL keyword EFF, CIS EFFSIG forum, and elsewhere.

This guide may be freely reproduced & distributed electronically or in hardcopy, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Please do not qualitatively modify the guide, and leave all copyright, distribution, attribution, and EFF information intact. Permission expressly granted for translation to other languages and conversion to other formats.

  2. EFF has signed a contract with MIT Press to publish a hardcopy book version of the guide, entitled Everybody's Guide to the Internet. All other for-profit distribution of printed versions of the guide is forbidden. However, you may print out copies and recoup the cost of printing and distribution by charging a nominal fee.

  3. Any for-profit non-paper distribution (such as shareware vendor diskettes, CD-ROM collections, etc.) must be approved by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the time- and usage-based access fees of online services, bulletin boards, and network access providers are specifically exempted). Donations appreciated.

  4. You may not charge a for-profit fee specifically for this guide, only for a collection containing the guide, with the exeception of a nominal copying charge (online usage fees exempted, as above).

These conditions hold for any derived version of this guide.

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