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8.3 Remote Connections

8.3.2 finger - get information about users

finger displays the .plan file of a specific user, or reports who is logged into a specific machine. The user must allow general read permission on the .plan file.


finger [options] [user[@hostname]]

Common Options

-l force long output format

-m match username only, not first or last names

-s force short output format


brigadier: condron [77]> finger workshop@nyssa

This is a sample .plan file for the nyssa id, workshop.

This id is being used this week by Frank Fiamingo, Linda

DeBula, and Linda Condron, while we teach a pilot version

of the new Unix workshop we developed for UTS.

Hope yer learnin' somethin'.

Frank, Linda, & Linda

brigadier: condron [77]> finger

Login Name TTY Idle When Where

condron Linda S Condron p0 Sun 18:13 lcondron-mac.acs

frank Frank G. Fiamingo p1 Mon 16:19 nyssa

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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