CSL: Facilities: Scanner/CD Writer

CSL: Facilities: Scanner/CD Writer

Room D108 is equipped with a multimedia PC, with access to a scanner, and common multimedia software (such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver) and many other popular software titles. The room is kept locked after hours, but can be opened by faculty and students using their sub-master key.



  • Office 2010 SP1, Adobe CS6, plus most standard titles found on kiosk machines.


  • To scan photos or documents as image or pdf files, use the Epson Scan program on the host computer.
  • To scan a pdf using Acrobat, open Adobe Acrobat and create a PDF from the scanner.
  • To scan as an image file using Windows, select the scanner in Devices and Printers (Start --> Devices and Printers), and right-click.