CSL: Mac OS X Printing

CSL: Mac OS X Printing

Printing under MacOS within the department is accomplished via IP printing to the printers. This document will detail how to set up a printer under MacOS X, using the Apple Print and Fax Setup Utility.

To add a printer, open the Print and Fax Setup Utility under the preferences. Use the printername (see the list of available printers) and select IP printing.

For example, settings for the printer 109-dx would be:

	Device: 109-dx via IPP
	Device Name: 109-dx
	Device URI: ipp://pr109.cs.duke.edu/

You will need to select the correct driver for the printer, for printing to work as expected. The correct drivers for the different department printers can be found on the Facilities Printer page.

If you require duplex printing, you need to select the Show Info tab for the printer and set the Installable options. These settings should work for all of the printers:

        Duplex Unit (Checked)
        Fit to Page (Nearest Size and Scale)
        Total Memory (36MB or More)

You will also have to specify that the print job use Two Sided Printing under the Layout pane of the confirmation dialog that comes up when you print.