Spam filtering using Thunderbird, Mozilla & Netscape clients

Spam filtering using Thunderbird, Mozilla & Netscape clients

Users of Thunderbird, Mozilla of Netscape e-mail clinets can automatically filter e-mails from their e-mail INBOX that have been processed by the Lab's Spamassassin installation. To do this, you will need to add a filter rule to look for the X-Spam-Flag header; based on matches to this rule, you can delete, mark or move the spam to a separate folder.

  1. In the Mail window, select: Tools → Message Filters → New
  2. In the new filter pane, name the filter.
  3. Under the menu Filter Criteria → Customize → New Message Header enter X-Spam-Flag click Add, then Ok.
  4. Select as the Filter Criteria: X-Spam-Flag contains YES (case is important)
  5. Under Perform this action, select a destination folder where you would like move the suspected spam.

The Lab staff does not recommend this, but users who wish to use the client's built-in spam scoring system will need to consult the following article: Using Mozilla Junk Mail Control.

When Junk Mail controls are enabled, a Junk folder is created and mail that is identified as spam is routed to this folder. Users should monitor this folder for improperly tagged e-mail.

If you have any questions please contact the Lab Staff.