Printing System Upgrade

Printing System Upgrade

The C.S. Dept. printing system was upgraded on 12/26/2003, including hardware and software. The changes mainly consist of the following:

type old new
hardware Sun Ultra10 SunFire V120
software LPRng-3.7.4 LPRng-3.8.22
software ifhp-3.4.4 ifhp-3.5.11

You will probably notice very little difference, and in most cases you will not need to do anything differently. There should be small increases in speed, reliability, and features, but this is primarily a maintenance upgrade.

A notable new feature is that you can now print from Unix and Samba to the Canon imageRUNNER 600 copier/printer on the second floor. For printer name, you can currently use pr167 or 234 (it's near room D234, the second floor kitchen), or 234-dx. -Z options for this printer will include stapling, and possibly various of the following:

plain, transparency, interleaved, printerleaved, staple, staple_ulp, staple_ull, staple_urp, staple_url, staple_dlp, staple_dll, staple_dtp, staple_dtl, staple_drp, staple_drl, staple_saddle, punch, punch_tp, punch_tl, punch_lp, punch_ll, punch_rp, punch_rl, simplex, duplex, duplexshort, 1manual, 1intray1, 1intray2, 1intray3, 1intray4, 1intray5, autoselect, manual, intray1, intray2, intray3, intray4, intray5, ledger, legal, letter, statement, a3, b4, a4, b5, a5, executive

For general printing information, please see the Printing FAQ page.

Currently, the other dept. copiers are not available for printing from Unix or Samba. We hope to add these in the future. If you notice any problems, please contact the Lab staff.