Possible Water Leaks in the Department

Possible Water Leaks in the Department

May 11, 2010

From: Jewel Wheeler 
To: Everyone with a desk in CS 
Cc: Randy Orange 
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 16:03:18 -0400
Subject: ALERT: Leaks likely in wake of hot water testing

To: Department members sitting in D-wing perimeter offices

Re: Leaks resulting from running hot water as part of testing the
steam system

ALERT, ACTION NEEDED: We are likely to experience leaking from the
radiators under our D-wing windows.  For the next 24 hours we are
asked to keep a close eye on our carpets and report leaks directly
to randy.orange@duke.edu.

Please cc house@cs.duke.edu.  Be sure to include your office number
preceded by the letter D because this is happening all over the
building at the same time.

For your convenience here's a message you can cut and paste:

Subject: My radiator is leaking! D-xxx
Office: D-


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