CSL: Policies: Laptop Reservations

CSL: Policies: Laptop Reservations

Faculty should reserve laptops needed for their classes. Requests can also be made for software installs at that time.

If faculty are planning using the laptop cart during a semester, they should put in a reservation as soon as possible by writing to <schedule at cs.duke.edu>. The Lab staff will need adequate time to prep these systems before the beginning of the semester.

The current latop reservation schedule can be found on the Compsci Laptops Exchange calendar.

If you have any software requirements for your classes, please consult the software matrix and request any additional software. You may also contact the Lab staff directly to request software.

The Lab staff may need to work on these systems intermittently through the first week or so of classes so it's very important that they have an accurate understanding of when they are and are not available.