CSL: Policies: Service Agreement: Basic Services

CSL: Policies: Service Agreement: Basic Services

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Basic Services

Basic functions are functions which a user can reasonably expect to be available on a daily basis in order to accomplish specific computer releated tasks. Relatively few people are affected when an outage of the service occurs.

Priority: Medium
Urgency: Daily
Notification: Request queue
Response: 24 to 48 hours

Included services

  • Terminal server and modem pool
  • Documentation
  • Software bug reports
  • Restores from backup
  • News server
  • PPP setup
  • Account creation
  • FTP service
  • Public login server
  • Printing services
  • X-capable seat for each department resident
  • Cluster workstations
  • Department web server
  • Changes to UNIX groups and aliases
  • Integrity of groups/aliases and other basic UNIX functions
  • Quota/disk-space management

Joe Shamblin
Wed Feb 4 15:32:53 EST 1998