Please note: SST is being phased out. This page will eventually be removed.

C.S. users can become members of the SST (Software Support Team) and maintain special-interest software, which is available for department-wide use.

SST is a mechanism for students and other interested persons to help install and maintain software packages. Due to the sheer number of public domain software packages and libraries of interest to the C.S. community, it is impossible for the C.S. Lab Staff to support them all. SST allows users to install software that they are interested in, and have it reside in a public location that is accessible to others and that doesn't impose upon the home directory disk quota of the installer.

SST supported software is installed in and accessible from the /auto/sst/ partition.

Members of SST are added to the sst permissions group, as well as the (very low-volume) sst e-mail list. If you are interested in becoming a member of SST, please contact the Lab Staff.