Visitor Parking Policies and Procedures

Convenient parking is one of the ways our guests form an impression of their visit to our department. Only with your cooperation can we provide good service to your guests, and we thank you very much for it.

Short-term guest parking (half day or less)

Computer Science has TWO short-term guest parking spaces, both located just inside and to the right of the entrance gate to the Bryan Student Center Parking Garage IV (PGIV). Because many visitors come and go throughout the day, these spaces are reserved for short-term (half-day or less) visitors. If you have a short-term visitor they MAY be able to park in one of these numbered spaces, but ONLY IF YOU RESERVE IT FOR THEM.

Long-term guest parking (over one half day)

If you have a visitor for more than a half day, we will issue a magnetic-strip hangtag permit for the Circuit lot that allows your guest to come and go through midnight of the day it's issued. This may be mailed with sufficient advance notice, but is often issued to the host to pass to the guest.

How to arrange for parking

Please write to schedule at to reserve a space. Tell us:

  • Name of visitor
  • Begin and end times of the visit
  • Room and short name of the meeting the visitor will be attending
  • Email address of the visitor so that we can send them the permit, directions and instructions about using the visitor space

Check for availability

You can view the availability of visitor parking spaces on the CompSci LSRC Parking Calendar

Other important info

  • Visitor parking spaces in PGIV cannot be assumed to be available.
  • If you don't let us know a visitor is coming, we may experience difficulty in helping them with their parking.
  • Visitors must park in their assigned numbered spot and display their permit or hangtag prominently, or they may get towed.


Please call Pam at 660-6500 if you have unusual parking needs.

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