Computer Science 296.4
Topics in Computational Structural Biology

Spring, 2009

Time: Monday 1:15 - 4:05pm
Place: 306, North Bldg.

Professor: Bruce Randall Donald
TA: Jeff Martin
TA Office Hours: Wednesday, 1:15-2:15pm, D206 LRSC

This course is cross listed as:
Structural Biology & Biophysics (SBB) 266, and Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CBB) 252.
If you have any difficulty registering for the cross-listed courses please contact the program assistant in SBB or CBB, and Diane Riggs in Computer Science.

Reminder: Project proposals are due on Thursday, February 12. More information is available on the Syllabus page.

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This course focuses on topics in computational structural biology. We will emphasize themes that unite algorithms, modelling, and experimental results. Topics will include algorithms, modeling, and experimental validation for several areas of biophysics including NMR, protein design, x-ray crystallography, and structure-based drug design. Students should have a good grasp of basic structural biochemistry and a familiarity with algorithms, although students with a strong background in One of these areas may, with permission of the instructor, take the course if they are prepared to do some extra reading.

In this seminar course students will present both recent and classic papers from the literature, and also do a project.

You may wish to read about some related research in this area:

Here is the collection of all lecture notes. The lecture notes are not comprehensive but they are designed to help you. (version 2009)

Acknowledgments: I'm grateful my course TA's, students, postdocs and all students in this class for helping with the course notes and slides. Some of the discussion of how to give talks and reports was borrowed, with thanks, from Greg Gangor's description of the reviews used in his class at CMU.