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Geo*: GIS on Massive Datasets

The Geo* project deals with systems and algorithms for massive data computing, focusing on geometric computing problems that are fundamental to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other spatial data processing.

Geo* is a collaboration among researchers in systems, algorithms, and environmental sciences. Our ``vertically integrated'' team develops fundamental GIS algorithms for data-intensive problems, systems and software infrastructures for storing and transmitting massive data sets, and application software for the environmental sciences.

Participating Groups

Landscape Ecology Laboratory
Center for Geometric Computing
Network Storage/Cluster Lab

Projects and Software

TerraFlow: flow computation on massive grids
TPIE: I/O computing toolkit
Slice: scalable network storage
Trapeze: high-speed network I/O


Pankaj Agarwal
Lars Arge
Jeff Chase
Pat Halpin
Dean Urban
Jeff Vitter

Funding for this project was provided by
The National Science Foundation
under grant EIA-9870724 (ESS), with infrastructure
support from EIA-9972879 (RI).

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