TerraFlow Download

TerraFlow code is available here.

Installation: The archive expands into a directory terraflow containing directories include, lib, terraflow. The directories include, lib are TPIE directories, and TerraFlow code is in the directory flow. Run gmake into each of them (in this order).

tar -xvf terraflow.tar
cd terraflow/
cd include
cd ../lib/src
cd ..
cd ../flow
gmake fill flow

If everything is succesfull this creates two executables called fill and flow. Run them as explined in Manual.

Requirements: a recent version of g++ compiler. Should work under all platforms on which TPIE works. See TPIE requirements. Terraflow may not work with all versions of TPIE (see below).

Provisional Release

Here's the current (relatively stable) version: terraflow.tgz. Please keep in mind that development is currently on FreeBSD/intel.

Come comments on this version (thanks to Steve Lindley & Robert Schick of NOAA):

  1. Set DAFS=0 in the flow Makefile.
  2. The headers arcascii.H and gtopo.H are missing from the tarball. They should be in $BASE_DIR/flow.
  3. The files data2str.C and data2str.H are also missing; copied these over as well.
  4. Added #include <strings.h> to flow.C
  5. Added the flag -D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS to CPPFLAGS (needed for the way you are using ctime_r - Solaris specific?).
  6. Remove all dependency (*.d) files if you change platforms.

If you need TCI output, you need updated versions of some files. Bug rajiv for a new tarball in this case :)

If you encounter any problems contact {laura, rajiv}.


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