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Despite the large volume of societal interactions taking place on the Internet, it is still hard to assess the credibility of identity statements made by online users. The digital credentials issued by trustworthy certificate authorities partially address this problem, but a tedious registration and verification process as well as its high cost hinder the wide adoption of this solution.

Our proposal, FaceTrust, is a system that leverages online social networks to provide lightweight, flexible and relaxed credentials that enable users to assess the credibility of others and their assertions.

Facebook Application

Am I Really?

Our user study is approved by the Institutional Review Board at Duke University.

Source Code

Data Sets

Social graph

The anonymized “Am I Really?” dataset is available upon formal request.


  • Michael Sirivianos, Kyungbaek Kim and Xiaowei Yang, FaceTrust: Assessing the Credibility of Online Personas via Social Networks, Hotsec 2009. PDF.



msirivia AT cs dt duke dt edu

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