Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

March 12-15, 2008 • Portland, Oregon, USA

Associated Conference Activities

These events have been approved by the SIGCSE Board and the Symposium Chairs as relevant to the conference, some even part of the Symposium Program (e.g., SRC) -- all but the Sunday activities :-).

March 12

March 13

March 14

March 15

March 16

Doctoral Consortium
OCC B110
ACM Student Research Competition
Sponsored by Microsoft Research
THU: OCC Exhibit Hall A; SAT: OCC B112
Shamrock Run
Roundtable for Department Chairs
OCC B115
UPE logo
UPE Business Meeting
OCC B113-114
Cirque du Soleil
1 pm
5 pm
CS1/CS2 with XBOX

OCC A107-109
Sharing Data for Comp-Ed Research
OCC B116
BlueJ / Greenfoot Day 2008

OCC B117-118

List of Events

This list contains names, dates, times, locations and links to activities and events that may be of interest to SIGCSE 2008 attendees -- most of these events are not part of the official Symposium Program, but may be worth a look during your time in Portland!

Note: OCC is the Oregon Convention Center